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84                               LETTERS   FROM   THE

to-morrow   shall   start   for   Coldham,   Parllngton,
and, though last not least, Hamsterley,


August, 1790,

I have been roaming abotit on visits  to
Castle Eden, Burdon's place, where there is a
fine down susceptible of much improvement, a
good house, and trees growing well down to the
sea; thence to the election at Durham, where a
ball was given to Burdon and Milbanke.

My next visit was to Hesley Side, Mr.
Charlton's. The destruction of wood on the
Tynedale within my memory is prodigious. Charl-
ton has re-established part of his, and Sir Edward
made large plantations at Mounces; all the rest
is neglected. The cattle there are fond of rushes
made into hay, and grass of Parnassus Is common
in wet spots.

At Axwell we had George Clavering, whose
queer speeches of the bull kind are very enter-
taining. I must tell you a few of them, A lady
was there who suckled her child, and this child